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Hiking holiday in the Eisack Valley, the door to the Dolomites

Hiking holiday in South Tyrol

40 km south of the Brenner Pass, when you turn off the motorway, you’ll arrive in the bishop’s town of Brixen, from where you can reach the most beautiful hiking valley in South Tyrol. You can still enjoy great public transport connections, but at the same time, you are far away from the big crowds. This is just the right place for an enjoyable hiking holiday: the Eisack Valley, the door to the Dolomites.

The entrance to the valley is lined with forests and vines, which are well rooted in sunny meadows. After 15 km, you will reach the end of the valley, where you will find a quaint, climate-friendly and wind-protected village called Lüsen. By this time, you’ll have reached an altitude of 950 metres above sea level.


The Peitlerkofel forms part of the mountain scene high above the end of the valley. It is one of the most beautiful summits of the Dolomites and presents itself any visitor as a mighty, but friendly mountain. It’s not in vain that this is the landmark of Lüsen. The far-reaching meadows around the village lead you to forests who reach up to the Lüsneralm. Together with the Rodeneck Alm, it is the longest high-Alpine cultivated meadow in South Tyrol.

The Lüsneralm is situated at an altitude of 2,300 metres above sea level and is the most untouched, clean-air region in South Tyrol. With the Dolomites, it forms a border to the Puez Geisler Nature Park and offers a majestic 360 degree circular view that allows you to enjoy the main Alpine mountain range with the glaciers of the Ziller Valley Alps, as well as the Ötz Valley Alps in the North, the Ortler mountain group in the West, the Puster Valley and the Dolomites to the South and the East.

The flow of forests and meadows blending together, the Alpine regions and mountain grasslands, the nature park and the Dolomites with their untouched nature, makes Lüsen one of the most attractive places for a hiking holiday in South Tyrol, the Eisack Valley as the door to the Dolomites.
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