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The Puez Geisler Nature Park

The nature park of the Dolomites

The Puez Geisler Nature Park is a regional park situated right in the heart of the Dolomite mountain world and is one of the most beautiful and striking in the entire Alpine region. With the Würzjoch mountain, it touches the borders of the Lüsen Alm and so becomes an attraction for its visitors for nature park hiking trips and easy, safe climbing paths.

Breath-taking Dolomite massifs reach high into the sky: The Peitlerkofel group with its easy climbing trail to the main summit, the Geisler group of mountains reaching up to a height of 3,000 metres above sea level (e.g. the Sass Rigais, Furchetta), the Afer Geisler, the Puez group with the Gardenazza high plateau, the Sassongher and the Stevia. These mountain massifs are millions of years old and made of limestone from shells, Jurassic and chalk rocks and appear frequently in the Dolomite mountain range.

Alpine meadows, mountain grassland, pine forests and cultivated refuge huts combine these mountains into a rich nature park with flora and fauna, as well as rare flowers such as the edelweiss, the Devil’s Claw, as well as gentian and Alpine roses. Hiking and climbing in the Puez Geisler Nature Park in the Dolomite region is a true adventure and a great natural experience.
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