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Nordic Walking in the Eisack Valley

Fitness hiking in Lüsen

If you enjoy Nordic Walking in the Eisack Valley, Lüsen offers you the best platform for your outings, as it is a fabulous area for outdoor sports activities, as well as health-orientated fitness hiking. Nordic Walking is simply a continuous walk, using sticks and a heart rate monitor, as well as a special technique, which uses about 80 to 85 % of your body’s muscles. Endurance, strength and co-ordination are improved and your body fat is more efficiently reduced compared to jogging. It is recommended to do some warm-up before you set out ...and to do some stretching exercises, too.

Lüsen offers six marked walking trails in a variety of lengths and grades of difficulty. You are invited to enjoy a great Nordic Walking holiday in Lüsen and the Eisack Valley.

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