Cross country skiing in the Dolomites in Lüsen means a quiet network of tracks and is an insider’s tip not only in the valley of Eisacktaltal and Dolomites, but in the whole of the Alps. The cross country skiing trails with over 15 km of track with mostly guaranteed snow on the secluded Lüsen and Rodeneck Alp mountain pasture are ideal for cross country skiers who are looking for tranquillity and fabulous views during their sporting activities.
In the solitude of the magnificent Lüsen mountains body, soul and mind find peace and energy. The tracks are perfectly prepared for both styles, classic and skating. Some of the cross country ski tracks are connected, further tracks you can find on the Plose/Afers and in the head of the valley towards Würzjoch. If you are planning to go cross country skiing in the Dolomites, why not come to Lüsen!