The utmost concerns of responsible authority of tourism in Lüsen is a balance between the number of beds and inhabitants. Over the past 25 years, the number of beds has remained essentially unchanged. For a long time now, quality has been much more important than quantity. Also, “gentle tourism” is not just a slogan here. From a tourist point of view, the destination Lüsen is underdeveloped, but this does not mean that it has nothing to offer the guest.

The businesses rely on natural luxury, because sustainability does not have to be opposed to luxury or high-quality tourism. On the contrary, especially the use of regional and seasonal products guarantees high quality and traceability, not only in relation to the food.
Furthermore, it is also a great concern of the establishments in Lüsen to employ as many persons as possible from the town or the immediate surroundings. This is not only important in terms of the CO2 footprint, it also guarantees the family atmosphere in the accommodation establishments, which makes you feel like a guest “come home”.