Lüsen is inherently blessed with numerous prerequisites for a sustainable strategy. Nevertheless, we are aware that the implementation of an environmentally friendly, individual-friendly economy and way of life cannot be achieved without the people who live here.

Perhaps because of the seclusion of the valley, for a long time Lüsen was very difficult to reach from the Eisacktal, the Lüsner are a very proud people. Not only the older generation is closely associated with the traditions, but also a large part of the younger population is involved in associations such as music, shooting and sports clubs.
The many church holidays are still celebrated in Lüsen very traditionally and very much like. When the men and women walk through the village square in their traditional costumes, you can still feel this pride in their own homeland and values very clearly.
Because we are convinced that the soul of our place is only kept alive by the people themselves, we support associations and institutions in the village, such as the small village ski lift and the historic buildings in the old craftsmen's zone at the Kaserbach.
It is a matter of course for us as a Tourist Association to let the work on our hiking trails, rest stations etc. be carried out by local craftsmen and with local materials.

If the attractiveness of a destination is not only to be seen but also to be felt, then good cooperation and the cohesion of all parties involved are essential. We firmly believe in achieving this here in Lüsen and are proud not only to be sustainable and suitable for children on paper, but also to live it with full conviction.