The municipality of Lüsen has its own biomass district heating plant with which the majority of households and businesses in Lüsen are heated.
This plant primarily burns wood chips from wood waste and wood chips from local forest management. An environmentally friendly solution has also been found for the resulting exhaust gases: these are pre-cleaned with a coarse separator and then almost completely removed from particles in an electrostatic filter. Before they are released into the open air, the heat is recovered via a condensing system. In this way, the formation of smoke swarms by water vapour can be largely prevented.

Lissna Energy: Green electricity from Lüsen
Lüsen was aware from an early stage that the role of electric energy would become increasingly important. As early as 1955 the idea was born in Lüsen to cover the electricity requirements of the Lüsen Valley with electricity from own generation. In the same year a cooperative was founded dedicated to the generation and distribution of electricity in the Lüsen municipality. Even today, 100% CO2-free green electricity generation takes place in the cooperative’s own plant at the Kaserbach.