At first glance, Lüsen captivates with its exceptional location in the middle of the Lüsen Valley. It stretches almost 25 km from Brixen, crescent-shaped between the Plose mountain range in the south and the crest of the Lüsen Alp mountain pasture in the north, to the Sass Putia in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage of the Dolomites.

The approach from Brixen through initially dense forests gives a glimpse of the naturalness of the valley. When, just before the village, the forest clears up and the valley opens up, you can already see the vastness of the meadows and pastures. You get a first impression of the peace and serenity that await you here and the sight makes you forget the worries and stress of everyday life. Even if the village of Lüsen is only 13 km away from the episcopal city of Brixen, here you are taken into a completely opposite world to that of the Eisacktal Valley.
Nestled in green meadows, surrounded by forests on the slopes and shielded by the Lüsen Alp and the Plose, Lüsen enjoys a mild climate all year round.
The Lüsen Valley is not a classic transit valley and day tourism has not yet prevailed. In this natural paradise you can enjoy your holiday. If you are looking for relaxation, peace, space, enjoyment and relaxation in nature, then you are guaranteed to be right with us.