Here are a few tips for careful handling and carefree hiking in nature:

  • The tap water here in the mountains is of the highest quality. The best thing to do is to use a refillable drinking water bottle that you can always refill on the go.
  • The best waste is still the waste that doesn't happen. By planning ahead and using eco-friendly packaging materials, you can avoid waste and food waste in the first place. Please always take your rubbish - including leftover fruit, paper handkerchiefs, etc. - back down to the valley and dispose of it properly.
  • All our excursion destinations are easily accessible with our hiking shuttles, on foot or by bike. For the sake of the environment, leave your car in the valley and use the alternatives.
  • Power lies in tranquillity: The most beautiful nature experiences can only be enjoyed in silence. If you "creep" through woods and meadows, you may even make an unforgettable observation of nature. Our forest dwellers will thank you for it.
  • For the sake of the plants and animals, stay on the signposted paths. Especially in winter, it is important not to drain the energy of wild animals unnecessarily.
  • Pay attention to the signs, they also serve for your own protection and close barriers and fences carefully.
  • Our trails and footpaths also lead through private property, respect this.
  • In order for everyone, from hikers to cyclists and in winter snowshoers and winter hikers to ski tourers to be able to enjoy our area, mutual respect is paramount. Everyone should assess their abilities and behave according to the terrain and circumstances.
  • Mushroom picking is very popular in the midsummer and autumn months. To ensure that the ecological balance is not impaired by inappropriate behaviour, mushroom picking is regulated by a province law. People who are not resident in the municipality must pay a fee of 8.-€ per person per day for picking mushrooms. This fee can be paid at the Lüsen Tourist Office or online.
  • Dogs must be kept on the leash, even on the mountain and especially near grazing animals. A muzzle is compulsory on public transport. Dog excrement must be put in a bag and disposed of appropriately in the valley.
  • Thunderstorms and changes in the weather can quickly become dangerous in the mountains. Find out about the weather conditions before your tour.
  • The following applies to snowshoe hikes and ski tours: extreme caution is always required in open terrain. Inform yourself about the current avalanche situation before every tour off the secured paths and always carry your emergency equipment with you!
    Daily updated information can be found, for example, in the provincial avalanche report.
  • Safe fun on slegde: our toboggan trails are all natural and are used amongst others also as hiking trails and ascent routes. Depending on use and weather conditions, unexpected hazards may appear. Take care of your safety and the safety of others. Adjust the speed and driving style to your ability and the visibility. The internationally recognised FIS rules of conduct are valid also on these toboggan trails.
    Good equipment, snow boots with good soles, stable sledges and a protective helmet also for adults are strongly recommended.