You can enjoy less demanding hiking routes in Lüsen in South Tyrol with only a slight rise in altitude here and there and trips not longer than 2.5 hours. You can slowly walk through nature, passing moorlands, seeing protected plants and animals in their own habitat.
On the snow-guarded Lüsen Alp mountain pasture, far away from the hustle and bustle of the ski resorts and tourist centres, snowshoe hikers make their way into the white gold amid snow-covered mountain pastures and coniferous forests, past snow-covered alpine huts and feeding troughs . . . and listen to the silence of nature.
There is something for everyone. Some people will particularly enjoy the fragrance along the stone pine path, while others will be stimulated by the panoramic views across the Lüsen mountain world or the sounds of the Lasanke stream. Enjoy hiking in South Tyrol, at Lüsen!
Here you will find some suggestions for a varied selection to find the right thing for you. A comprehensive selection of all our tips can be found in our Wanderfibel (in german and italian language)