There are not many idyllic and quiet mountain villages left in South Tyrol and in the Dolomites: Lüsen, the dreamy village nestling at the middle of the Valley of Lüsen near Brixen at an altitude of 1.000 meters, is one of this few. Here thrushes, goldfinches and robins still sing, old farms adorn the village, and in the summer the aroma of hay fills the narrow streets.
At Lüsen nature remains intact, the hotel buildings and the infrastructure are still compact. There was not build a traditional swimming pool but, with a view to the needs of families, constructed a natural outdoor bathing pond fed by the spring waters of the Lüsen Alp mountain pasture. There are no clubs or pubs in the village. The inhabitants of Lüsen, who prefer traditional dress to suits, love their folk music with alphorn, zither and accordion. Tradition is lived with joy and passion. You have the impression that time stood still in Lüsen. Guests are not distracted but find their way back to themselves in this spot of untouched nature in South Tyrol.