Sustainability, green, . . . in today's times, terms like these are on everyone's lips. But what do they mean?
For us here in Lüsen, this attitude to life is not a fad. Our vision and our goal is: our grandchildren and great-grandchildren and their descendants should also be able to grow up and live in the best possible conditions.
And so we try to implement this principle in all areas of life and plan also for the future a "Development of Non-Development", Back to Nature, Back to Simplicity, without neglecting the advantages and luxury of modernity. Of course, we are aware that this is not only a goal, but rather a journey. A journey that never ends, where you always have to tackle and fight for your own visions.
Everyone can contribute to this and if it is "only" the careful handling of nature, the use of public transport, the filling of the own drinking bottle at the numerous springs on the mountain and to bring the garbage back to the valley to properly dispose of it there again.
Here are some tips for a respectful approach to nature and landscape.