Although situated in an altitude of 1,000 m, the village of Lüsen and the whole valley are characterised by a very mild and sunny climate. And so it quite often happens that guests are sunbathing in their swimming costumes in February, while the people up on the Lüsner Alpe are still enjoying snowshoe tours in the Alpine scenery. The unique structure of the landscape, with pastures, the low mountain range and the Dolomites protects the village from capricious wind and weather, and the south-west facing valley enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year. Vineyards at the entrance to the valley, asparagus growing on the farms, sunshine until the evening hours.... sunshine, an endless amount of sunshine caresses the nature of the people who live in Lüsen or who are visitors here. And so the external light lets the light in the hearts of the people shine more brightly. This is the welcoming atmosphere you feel when you meet the inhabitants of Lüsen.