Switch off from everyday life and recharge your batteries in nature: at Lüsen you will find offers for all those who want to strengthen their well-being. With our guest card, the LüsenCard, you can take part to these experiences free of charge.

Local experts are available to assist the participants with the selected experiences in the nature around Lüsen. These help to find one's own centre and give tips on how to maintain the positive energy in everyday life.

The offered hikes contribute in different ways to the well-being of the participants. In order to stay fit and switch off, exercise in nature is essential, for example when running or walking in the forest. By cooling down when treading water in a mountain stream, the immune system can be additionally strengthened. In addition, natural spectacles such as the sunrise at a place of power offer the opportunity to feel the elements, relax and reflect on oneself. Herbal experts impart their knowledge - this could be another way to experience the power of nature. The tastings of regional products and herbs offer you the opportunity to try out a conscious nutrition. During our guided experiences you will immerse yourself in nature with body and soul.

Our SUMMER PROGRAM is realized in german and italian language.