In order not to burden the mountain and pass roads with additional traffic, the Tourist Association of Lüsen has been organising hiking and ski buses for many years. If you want to spend your holiday on the Lüsen Alp mountain pasture, the Würzjoch or skiing on the Plose in winter, you can leave your car safely.
You can quickly and comfortably get to the desired starting point from the various stops. The hiking buses also make possible the popular circular hikes on the Lüsner Alp and/or the Würzjoch. The starting point of the hike does not have to be the same as the destination.
When organising our guided hikes, we attach great importance to the fact that these can be done with the hiking bus or with organized shuttles/carpooling. Our guests are welcome to participate without their own car. The trips with the hiking buses are free of charge for guests of our member companies.

Of course, the trend of e-biking does not stop at indulgences. We believe that this sport fits perfectly with our vision of sustainability. The pass and mountain roads, for example, can be relieved by the use of environmentally friendly e-bikes and made much more attractive. Noise and air pollution could be reduced in the mountains and the enjoyment of our beautiful natural landscape intensified.
Many establishments and huts on the mountain and on the alpine pasture now also offer charging stations so that you can continue your journey with a full battery.