Accommodation,  shuttle services, hiking bible and hiking maps, organised guided hikes, signposting, track preparation and Alpine hut magic - the infrastructure in Lüsen is aimed at providing hiking guests with a pack of helpful resources.
The fast and easy accessibility of the hiking paths is particularly worth mentioning. A large number of hiking paths to discover the mountain paradise starts directly in Lüsen. Organized shuttle services and free hiking buses (with the LüsenCard) from most of the accommodation providers make sure that the car can enjoy a holiday too. Themed walks such as the Alpine pasture trail or the legend hike offer exciting and adventure-packed variety. The menu in the Alpine huts ranges from Speckknödelsoup and Shepherd’s Macaroni to Applestrudel and Kaiserschmarrn.
The Lüsen App, hiking maps and hiking bible ensure that guests always reach their chosen destination without any problem.

The hiking bible
Hiking in summer and in winter: The hiking bible is a collection of the most beautiful summer hikes and winter hikes in and around Lüsen in the form of a brochure. It contains a large number of further useful information for your nature and hiking holidays in Lüsen.

Browse the hiking bible at your leisure by clicking here.