In Lüsen hiking is popular throughout the year. The region is therefore said to be the top specialist location for hiking in South Tyrol.

In April and May the first buds appear through the ground on the Lüsen Alp mountain pasture, and soon a sea of flowers with buttercups, gentians and alpine roses adorn the meadows and grazing hills of the pasture with their colourful display. Soft catkins express the gentleness of spring. Alpine hikes and vine walks at the entrance to the valley are the highlights of this season.
In the warm and pleasant summer guests climb the peaks of the Lüsen Alp and the Dolomites on their hiking holidays in Lüsen, and enjoy sunshine at their lodgings. Surrounded by the whispers of autumn hikers walk through the orange-golden coniferous forests up to the Alpine huts where they reward themselves with a Tyrolean Marende snack and a glass of red wine. Lüsens most special activity is snowshoe hiking on the snowy Lüsen Alp in winter, one of the regions in South Tyrol where snow is always guaranteed.