Large lift facilities made of concrete and metal have not yet been allowed into the Lüsen Valley. The inhabitants prefer to live a more natural and authentic lifestyle and only allow modern facilities into the valley which offer an improvement, but don’t disturb the quiet atmosphere. However, there is a children’s ski lift in Rungg at the end of the valley, where parents (or a coach) teach children how to ski. The lift facility also has a type of ‘magic carpet’ (conveyor belt for beginners) at the children’s park. The ski lift in Lüsen is a quaint winter oasis for kids in South Tyrol.

Prices and services:
A day ticket for adults costs € 12 and for children € 8. Ski courses are held every day: from 10 a.m. for beginners / from 12 noon for the advanced …and in the afternoon, you can enjoy some private coaching.

Every Tuesday from 7.30 to 10 p.m. you can enjoy some evening ski fun at the ski hire place called ‘rent a sport‘ in Lüsen, near the Bar Verona. For more information, check out

For ski course prices at the children’s ski lift Rungg, please click here.